Everyone we’ve ever known, everywhere we’ve ever been, everything we’ve ever cherished, ­all here on one tiny planet. One unique and finite world. One pale blue dot, as astronomer Carl Sagan put it.

From this perspective, it’s impossible to forget:

In every deal, we’ve got to share it. In every venture, we’ve got to care for it.

For us, that’s just business as usual. For us, that’s Blue Dot Law.

We Believe

That a future of health and happiness is a future worth striving for.

That thoughtful business and finance can improve quality of life around the world.

That our every action should serve to promote the common good.

That’s why we provide businesses and investors with legal services that are:

Common Good Compass

In our daily practice of law, we seek to

  • Maximize the immediate and future well-being of our clients, ourselves, our planet, and all the people and communities affected by the results of our work.
  • Accept clients who promote the health of the environment and honor communities in which they serve.
  • Maintain a workload that is conducive to mindful, detail-oriented work of the utmost quality.
  • Value positive change and growth – in ourselves, in our clients, and in the practice of law.
  • Treat others—clients, partners, friends, even ‘opposing counsel’—with the same care and respect that we would afford ourselves or our loved ones.
  • Prioritize authenticity and openness in our work and seek out clients and partners who prize integrity.
  • Ask ourselves: “How may I increase joy, do the least harm, and exercise compassion for myself and for others?”
  • Provide accessible service to those who take risks in pursuit of these same values. Is that you?
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