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We think of ourselves as lawyer-entrepreneurs: We leverage our unique network to tackle large projects while remaining agile and creative at our core. Like any good law firm, our livelihood depends on the success of our clients. Unlike other firms, positive social impact is at the heart of what we do.

Family Offices

Many high net-worth families are choosing to align their investment activity with their values. This bold decision establishes a solutions-minded tradition that will shape their families – and possibly our society – for generations to come.

Our family office clients steward investable assets worth over $100 billion in the aggregate. Based in Europe, Asia and North America, they trust us to show them what’s possible – and answer their toughest questions. Let us help you source, vet, negotiate and monitor investment deals around the world that balance your financial goals with your family’s vision for a better future.

Representative Transactions:

  • On an ongoing basis, assist US families with their domestic and overseas investments.
  • Advised a Hong Kong-based family with respect to an investment into a British Virgin Islands entity, with operating subsidiaries in Bhutan and China.
  • Assisted a European family with an investment into a US entity with an operating subsidiary in India.

Specific ways we can support your family office:

Corporate Structuring
Direct Investments


We stand now in a watershed moment: the work of today’s impact funds will dictate the success and stability of this ground-breaking market segment tomorrow. With so much at stake, it is essential to have counsel that is 100% on board with your vision and in step with your team.

We represent impact funds in Sub-Saharan Africa, India and North America with committed capital that exceeds $200 million in the aggregate. We understand that impact investments cross industries, push the envelope, and balance priorities. They put real lives, assets and ideals on the line. Work with us and you’ll get more than just decades of experience – you’ll get a partner who is equally committed to supporting sustainable development and building a social enterprise ecosystem.

Representative Transactions:

  • On an ongoing basis, assist US-based funds with their domestic and overseas investments.
  • Oversaw the formation of a fund in Mauritius with a Kenyan sub-advisor.
  • Assisted an Indian-based fund with US investor closings, including US federal and state securities compliance.

Specific ways we can support your fund:

Fund Formation
Financing Transactions


We understand the legal needs of companies that expand markets and disrupt expectations by putting a core social mission first. We work with them every day.

As the first law firm in Colorado to become a certified B Corporation, we count many in the B Corp community as our clients and friends. In fact, our lawyers helped draft the benefit corporation legislation for Colorado. We advise dozens of companies on baking their social mission into their governance structure, their financing, and their exit strategies. And, on July 1, 2017, we reorganized our corporate structure to be a Public Benefit Cooperative, ensuring our values are officially a part of our business DNA.

Representative Transactions:

  • On an ongoing basis, assist with formation of new enterprises in the social impact space, with an emphasis on stakeholder-governed entity forms.
  • On an ongoing basis, facilitate financing transactions for purpose driven companies (friends and family, angel, Series A and later rounds).
  • Guided a Mauritius holding company providing secondary education across Africa through a mezzanine financing round with a Canadian institutional investor.
  • Helped an industry leading ESG investment advisory firm through a corporate acquisition.

Specific ways we can support your company:

Benefit Corporations
Corporate Finance
Corporate Structuring
Social Enterprise, B Corps and Hybrid Structures
Commercial Transactions
Employment & Compensation
Data Management and Privacy Compliance


The nonprofit sector has embarked on a new era of possibility. Nonprofits now, in addition to building a donor base, are exploring more business-like strategies for generating funds, while solving a problem, meeting a need, or creating jobs. New questions arise with these venture-based activities: How to navigate a government contract? Establish a subsidiary or a joint venture? Remain tax and status compliant?

Addressing the legal issues in the progress towards one’s mission depends on the trust, competency, and confidence embodied by all players – including your lawyers. We know the value of honesty and responsiveness. We do not like to see a creative solution bogged down by potential risks, fear of the unknown, being overcharged or under-informed.

Have a question? Reach out to us.

Representative Transactions:

  • Provide opinion letters on the structure and purpose of program related investments.
  • Incorporate and pursue tax-exempt status for new nonprofits engaged in global programs for challenged communities assisting in moving from crisis relief to stabilized resources.
  • Provide legal review of nonprofit and for-profit related entity structures dedicated to mission purposed investments.
  • Created a nonprofit structure for a $25 million mixed equity and debt fund for investing in and preserving affordable housing in economic centers that promote upward economic mobility for low- and moderate-income residents
  • Assisted with a $10 million permanent capital (“evergreen”) fund for providing Sharia-compliant loan-type finance to small- and medium-size enterprises in the Horn of Africa region, with a purpose of facilitating stable economic opportunities for the region’s inhabitants.
  • Worked on a $1 million (first round – in development) evergreen fund to provide loans and recoverable grants for community-centric economic development projects globally, with an alternative advisory counsel structure to ensure that borrowers and stakeholders affected by fund activities have a participatory role in the fund’s governance and activities.
  • Advised an investor client on investment in $100 million fund sponsored by a prominent global foundation.

Specific ways we can support your nonprofit or social enterprise:

Corporate Structuring and Tax-Exempt Status
Hybrid Structures

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