Please review our 2020 Public Benefit Report to see how we promoted our public benefit purposes (listed below) and how we assess our overall social and environmental performance. Check our prior reports to compare preceding years. This report is offered in satisfaction of our obligation under §7-101-507 of the Colorado Business Corporation Act, and is updated annually.

Our History as a Mission-Driven Law Firm:

In 2003, Bruce Campbell formed what is now Blue Dot Advocates. In 2009, Bruce committed the firm to focusing on the representation of impact investors, mission driven companies, and nonprofits. In 2013, we became the first law firm in Colorado to be a Certified B Corp. In 2017, we reincorporated as Blue Dot Advocates, PBC, and are now a Public Benefit Cooperative.

OUR PURPOSE (Articles of Incorporation):

[Blue Dot] will operate in accordance with cooperative principles as a corporation controlled democratically by the members. The public benefit purpose of the Cooperative is to commit our human and financial capital to addressing business, legal, and economic undertakings in a manner that values well-being, community, socioeconomic equity, and living systems, including:

(a) by providing legal expertise to organizations that apply ethical, market-based solutions to social and environmental problems; 

(b) by building legal structures based on shared prosperity, mutual respect among stakeholders, and restoration of natural systems;

(c) by engaging in conversations that re-examine norms around wealth and resource allocation;

(d) by reducing our harmful environmental impacts, individually, collectively, and in collaboration with our clients;

(e) by cultivating a culture that supports mindful work of the utmost quality, as well as the health, happiness, and fulfillment of each of our workers; and

(f) by valuing positive change and growth – in ourselves, in our clients, in the law, and in the practice of law.

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