Altruette Links Up with Nordstrom with its Charitable Charms

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With gift-giving season approaching, Nordstrom is partnering with our client Altruette to give holiday a charming option with a charitable twist.

Altruette is a philanthropic jewelry line launched in 2009 by Julie Schlosser and Lee Clifford.  While working as journalists covering entrepreneurs, charitable givers and radical thinkers, the pair was inspired to design a jewelry line in order to raise money and awareness for the causes they admire.

Julie and Lee decided to center their jewelry line around charms because each charm allows them to tell the story of one of the 25 causes that Altruette has partnered with. You can add an elephant charm to support the African Wildlife Foundation or a baby buggy charm to support Embrace, the maker of life-saving low cost infant warmers.  A portion of the proceeds from each charm Altruette sells then goes to support that specific charity.

As Altruette continues to grow, they’ve increased their distribution by reselling through Nordstrom, both in store and online. Nordstrom itself is no stranger to charitable donations, sending millions of dollars to non-profits each year, but their charitable work has never looked so charming.

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