Clean Energy is on the Rise

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In a new report out last week from our client, Renewable Choice Energy found that solar and wind power is making inroads in the US energy market.

In the special report, Renewables are Winning, Renewable Choice found that in the first half of 2013, growth of US renewables outpaced coal, oil, and nuclear power combined and total US carbon emissions are at their lowest levels since 1994.  The growth in renewables is attributed to falling technology prices, voluntary purchases of renewable energy credits (RECs), and tax incentives.

“Those of us in the industry have long known—that the future of US energy production lies in renewables,” said Quayle Hodek, CEO of Renewable Choice Energy. “Increasingly, companies are turning to sources such as wind and solar power to drive their energy strategy with excellent results.”

More results from the report:

-Since 1998, total US wind power capacity increased from a single gigawatt to 65 gigawatts.

-In 2012, wind power became the #1 source of new US energy, providing 42 percent of new electricity.

-Solar power capacity has increased 600 times since 2008.

-The US could obtain 20 percent of its power from wind by 2030.

-Nearly 1 million Americans are employed in the clean technology sector.

-Currently, more than 1400 companies participate in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership program, collectively purchasing more than 28 billion kilowatt hours of green power annually.

Colorado-based Renewable Choice Energy is a leading global provider of products and services that help companies understand and reduce their environmental impact. Renewable Choice offers green power, carbon offsets, sustainability consulting, and energy advisory services to large and small businesses. Renewable Choice was awarded the Green Power Supplier of the Year from the US EPA in 2012 and is a certified ‘Best for the Environment’ B-Corporation.

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