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Our client Eneza Education has an ambitious goal: to spread access to quality education to students across Africa. Beginning their efforts in Kenya by making quizzes and lesson materials available to students, parents and teachers through SMS and the web, Eneza has made remarkable progress toward reaching its lofty goal. Eneza has now engaged over 100,000 students in Kenya.

These 100,00 students include some students in some of the poorest and remote regions of Africa. They are students from the Dabaad Refugee Camp near the Somali border – often described as the largest refugee camp on Earth – home to over half a million refugees of the Somalian civil war. They are students like Aided Assan Noor, who has answered over 1,000 questions on Eneza’s mobile study platform. They are students like the 220 students registered at the Bula Iftin Primary school in Garissa, the town closest to Dabaad Refugee Camp.

These students have shown an incredible appetite for learning despite difficult circumstances and Eneza has demonstrated a deep commitment to engaging these students, wherever they are. As Eneza continues to serve the students and spread its reach beyond Kenya to new Africa countries, Blue Dot Advocates’ attorneys will continue to work with Eneza to finance its growth.

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