Unreasonably Fast Funding: Unreasonable Investor Days

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We are teaming up with our friends at the Unreasonable Institute for a bold and unprecedented attempt at getting companies funded — and funded fast. On July 19th and 20th, impact investors from around the country will arrive at the Institute. They will meet not only with entrepreneurs, but with their teams, with their mentors, and with other potential funders. Through these intensive one-on-one meetings, due diligence will be accelerated, meaningful relationships will be formed and deals will begin to take shape.

But why not take things one step further? With all the necessary parties together around the table, why not try to hammer these deals out and get these ventures funded? That is exactly what Campbell Law Group and the Unreasonable Institute intend to do. For up to 3 deals, Campbell Law Group lawyers will be available at all times as mediators, helping investors and ventures draw up and finalize mutually agreeable terms through an open, transparent process. Using the latest legal document automation software,  all of the necessary deal documents will be ready for signature on an iPad or a laptop as soon as they are agreed to. In the 48 hours that make up Investor Days, why can’t we get one, two or even more ventures their first round of funding?

We often talk about being Unreasonable; now is the time to demonstrate it. Let’s lower the barrier to Unreasonable action with a process that’s collaborative, decisive and transparent. Let’s make this the most exciting, meaningful and productive two days we have ever had. Let’s get these deals done!

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