Advocates Raise Awareness of Water Crisis by Summiting Kilimanjaro

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Today is World Water Day and today Cynthia Koenig, founder and CEO of client company Wello Water, will complete her climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in order to bring awareness to the global clean water crisis.

Joined by 11 other climbers, Cynthia is raising money and awareness as part of the SUMMIT ON THE SUMMIT initiative. SUMMIT’s mission is to reduce the global clean water crisis by raising awareness and inspiring advocacy and fundraising. By taking cultural influencers, educators and high profile individuals to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, SUMMIT supports organizations in bringing clean water to the billion people living without this basic human necessity.

The project consists of a seven-day climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. The team was chosen because each member has made an exceptional impact on the world water crisis.

Cynthia’s unique contribution is the invention of the WaterWheel. More than one billion people around the globe lack access to safe water. Most often, women and children are forced each day to carry water by hand to survive. The average woman spends a quarter of her day transporting heavy water. 5 gallons – the amount a person needs to stay healthy and hydrated – weighs 42 pounds! After witnessing families in South Africa and Guatemala struggle to access water, Cynthia designed the WaterWheel, a drum-shaped plastic container that can wheel around enough water for an entire family. By delivering water 4-5 times faster, children have more time for school and women have more time for productive activities that boost their families’ incomes, education, health and wellbeing.

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