KULA Causes Launches JetBlue’s True Giving Program

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Our client KULA Causes, Inc. unveiled JetBlue Airways’ True Giving Program this week.

JetBlue partnered with KULA Causes, the world’s largest 0nline giving platform, to create the unique program. True Giving allows TrueBlue customers to donate their points to more than 2.5 million causes around the globe, rather than redeeming them for future travel.

Taking its name from the Sanskrit word for community of the heart, KULA was founded in 2010. KULA’s Cause-Related Marketing, CLM, is the world’s first cause marketing technology that creates brand loyalty by allowing consumers to give to the causes they wish to support.

“We know giving is very personal. With True Giving our customers can turn their TrueBlue poitns into dollars and support non-profit organizations around the world that they are passionate about,” said Mike Stromer, JetBlue’s vice-president of customer connections.

CLM addresses virtually every customer giving affinity – from local schools and places of worship to international development and aid organizations. Customers can make donations to the cause of their choice by entering the organization’s name, a keyword, or selecting the regions and countries or local causes of interest.

“This partnership has demonstrated that JetBlue is committed to their charitable giving efforts. They are an airline that consistently pushes the envelope in the ways that they engage with passengers, customers and crewmembers,” said Gerrit McGowan, KULA Causes Founder and CEO.

In the spirit of giving, JetBlue will match all customer donations of up to $25,000 made through the program the week of December 10th. True Blue members can donate points at truegiving.jetblue.com.

For more information, please visit www.kulacauses.com.

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