A 5000 year old civilization – just shy of its 70th anniversary as a nation state – that boasts over 1 billion people and speaks more than 100 languages: This is modern day India. The unique ability to manage, adapt, sustain and thrive in such diversity puts a successful business in India on a pedestal all of its own.

At Impact Law Ventures – BlueDot’s Indian affiliate – affordable, ethical and competent service is our raison d’etre. Whether you’re a tech firm from Mumbai or an investor from New York, it’s our mission to support you in your quest for impact and innovation in India’s dense ecosystem – one of the most sought-after emerging markets in the world.


  • We assisted an Indian-based fund with US investor closings, including US federal and state securities compliance.
  • We assisted a European family with an investment into a US entity, with an operating subsidiary in India.
  • We have assisted multi-national companies in forming Indian subsidiaries and have helped them to manage inter-company transactions.
  • We have represented a multitude of investors that have made investments directly into Indian companies.
  • We have represented a prominent Indian venture capital firm in connection with an investment in the U.S. as well as US securities compliance work for fund formation.

Impact-Law-VenturesImpact Law Ventures (ILV) is a mission-driven boutique law firm that provides premium legal advisory services to a wide range of clients, ranging from start—ups, social business enterprises, small and growing businesses, impact investors and non-profit organizations. With a team of lawyers across experience levels, ILV has offices in New Delhi, India, and is led by the deep and varied experience of its founders in their previous private practice and in-house roles. With a rapidly expanding client profile, ILV has emerged as the go-to law firm for clients faced with complex legal and documentation issues. ILV works with its clients with a view to build long term relationships and prides itself in being a trusted counsel for its wide range of clients, and yet providing affordable access by ensuring value for money.

ILV works extensively with its clients with a view to being a trusted advisor and by providing legal advice balanced with principles of sector-specific business prudence and pragmatism. With a deep network across legal, secretarial, finance and accounting professionals, ILV is in an excellent position to provide end to end advice and solutions to its clients by drawing from specialized areas of expertise of professionals in its networks.

Lawyers at ILV recognize that law firms are required to tailor-make their approach to pay attention to the particular requirements of each client, based on its needs, plans, vision and organizational structure. ILV endeavors to grow with the expanding profile of our clients, and deliver best practices in corporate governance, contract management and help set up processes that help organizations manage their legal and regulatory work in a cost-efficient and effective manner.


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