The nonprofit sector has embarked on a new era of possibility. Nonprofits now, in addition to building a donor base, are exploring more business-like strategies for generating funds, while solving a problem, meeting a need, or creating jobs. New questions arise with these venture-based activities: How to navigate a government contract? Establish a subsidiary or a joint venture? Remain tax and status compliant?

Addressing the legal issues in the progress towards one’s mission depends on the trust, competency, and confidence embodied by all players – including your lawyers. We know the value of honesty and responsiveness. We do not like to see a creative solution bogged down by potential risks, fear of the unknown, being overcharged or under-informed.

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Representative Transactions:

  • Provide opinion letters on the structure and purpose of program related investments.
  • Incorporate and pursue tax-exempt status for new nonprofits engaged in global programs for challenged communities assisting in moving from crisis relief to stabilized resources.
  • Provide legal review of nonprofit and for-profit related entity structures dedicated to mission purposed investments.
  • Created a nonprofit structure for a $25 million mixed equity and debt fund for investing in and preserving affordable housing in economic centers that promote upward economic mobility for low- and moderate-income residents
  • Assisted with a $10 million permanent capital (“evergreen”) fund for providing Sharia-compliant loan-type finance to small- and medium-size enterprises in the Horn of Africa region, with a purpose of facilitating stable economic opportunities for the region’s inhabitants.
  • Worked on a $1 million (first round – in development) evergreen fund to provide loans and recoverable grants for community-centric economic development projects globally, with an alternative advisory counsel structure to ensure that borrowers and stakeholders affected by fund activities have a participatory role in the fund’s governance and activities.
  • Advised an investor client on investment in $100 million fund sponsored by a prominent global foundation.

Specific ways we can support your nonprofit or social enterprise:

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