We stand now in a watershed moment: the work of today’s impact funds will dictate the success and stability of this ground-breaking market segment tomorrow. With so much at stake, it is essential to have counsel that is 100% on board with your vision and in step with your team.

We represent impact funds in Sub-Saharan Africa, India and North America with committed capital that exceeds $200 million in the aggregate. We understand that impact investments cross industries, push the envelope, and balance priorities. They put real lives, assets and ideals on the line. Work with us and you’ll get more than just decades of experience – you’ll get a partner who is equally committed to supporting sustainable development and building a social enterprise ecosystem.

Representative Transactions:

  • On an ongoing basis, assist US-based funds with their domestic and overseas investments.
  • Oversaw the formation of a fund in Mauritius with a Kenyan sub-advisor.
  • Assisted an Indian-based fund with US investor closings, including US federal and state securities compliance.

Specific ways we can support your fund:

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